BON4Max Contains All 3 High Quality Chastity Cages



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BON4Max Superior Male Chastity Package in Stainless Steel

Product Content & Specifications

BON4Max Superior Male Chastity Package in Stainless Steel

BON4 Three Cage Combo for All Sizes & All Purposes

For those who need to have it all

Our exciting combination, the BON4Micro, the BON4M and the BON4ML provides flexibility, especially when several submissives serve one Keyholder.

These cages accommodate any size flaccid penis while your Keyholder determines your degree of confinement. Isn’t that how your special relationship should be?

A Perfect Gift

Does your Keyholder have several subs? Let your Dominant know you take joy in their power over others. Few gifts say “I accept your authority and your freedom” better than this variety of cages for you and your fellow submissives.

Keyholder Options

  • Whatever sizes any of your submissives present, you can cage them according to your decree. What is your pleasure, Madam or Sir?
    Stuff the BON4Micro for Small Penis Humiliation.
  • Fill the BON4M for control, a constant reminder of who’s in charge.
  • Allow frustrating partial growth with the BON4ML, keeping most subs anxious for release.

3 Cage Combination Features

  • Three cages ensure proper (or improper!) fit, whether attempting to grow or to remain relaxed.
  • Possible option of greater or lesser restriction at Keyholder’s whim.
  • Five sizes of spacers and locking pins allow you choose the correct ring-to-cage distance.
  • 7 diameters of cock and ball rings at 2 mm increments keep you secure as well as comfortable.
  • All rings swivel 360° for easy placement.
  • 3 stainless steel padlocks designed especially for the BON4M Series, allowing control of three subs at once. A Keyholder’s dream.

Please watch our brief demonstration video before first fitting any BON4 stainless steel cage.

Product Content & Specifications

  • Overall assembled length:
    1.97″ (BON4Micro)
    3.65″ (BON4M)
    4.33″ (BON4ML)
  • Internal cage length:
    1.49″ (BON4Micro)
    2.56″ (BON4M)
    3.35″ (BON4ML)
  • Cage opening diameter:
    1.38″ (BON4Micro)
    1.42″ (BON4M)
    1.50″ (BON4ML)
  • 7 Different sizes of stainless CBR’s (cock and ball rings): 1.57″ – 1.65″ – 1.73″ – 1.81″ – 1.89″ – 1.97″ – 2.05″
  • 4 Different gaps: 0.24″ (only optional with the BON4Micro), 0.33″ – 0.43″ and 0.53″
  • 3 Especially for the BON4M Series designed stainless steel padlocks
  • Black Velvet pouch
  • 1 Year full warranty
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We offer you:

  • All our male chastity devices come with free global (FedEx) shipping
  • One year full warranty
  • Discreet shipping and packaging
  • Delivery to any country
  • Secure payment in your own currency
  • Secure payment with your Bitcoin e-currency

All our male chastity devices come with free global (FedEx) shipping.
One year full warranty.
Discreet shipping and packaging.
Delivery to any country.
Secure payment in your own currency.
Secure payment with your Bitcoin e-currency.


Whilst checking out, you can opt for:

  • FedEx International Economy (free)
    Please allow 3-5 days for delivery
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All discreet packages are shipped from  Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Whilst checking out, you can opt for:

FedEx International Economy (free).
Please allow 3-5 days for delivery.

FedEx International Priority (US$ 36.00).
Delivery the next business day.

All genuine BON4 products are shipped with FedEx from: Company BON4, Biesveld 4, 5673BN Nuenen, the Netherlands. Tel: 0031-6499 85740



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