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BON4Mplus High Quality 2 Cage Chastity Combo in Stainless Steel

Product Content & Specifications

BON4Mplus High Quality 2 Cage Chastity Combo in Stainless Steel

NEW – You’ve done it; all men have. Secretly checked out the competition in locker rooms. You’re happy to see you fare well, perhaps bigger than average.

Don’t let it go to your head — either of them. Though you’re adequately equipped, you’re at your best observing to your Keyholder.

Our innovative 2018 two-cage package for average to large men (flaccid length: 2.6” – 5.2”) keeps you faithful, frustrated, and therefore obedient.

The two cages, with 7 cock and ball rings (CBRs) so you’ll be sure to find the one that keeps you secure for your Keyholder and avoids discomfort for you. The redesign CBRs swing 360° on a hinge, so placement is simple and painless.

To further ensure proper fit, we include three ring and sleeve spacing options. You and your Keyholder can enjoy the fitting process as a tease with the end a foregone conclusion: the ring closes the shaft passes through the ring and the cage. Click! The shackle of your custom BON4 lock shuts. Your proud toy now belongs to your Keyholder. How long will you be locked safely away? An hour? A week? A month? It’s up to your Keyholder, so be docile and obedient.

With the two cages, your Keyholder not only controls your degree of confinement, possibly allowing a partial erection, but also the size of your bulge. Hide it or emphasize it at your Keyholder’s whim.

BONUS – a silicone companion cage, useful for security checkpoints and a different visual appeal, is included for your convenience. Use uniquely numbered plastic steel locks instead of our metal padlock.

Need more help with sitting? Watch our instructional movie.

The BON4Mplus for those who accept nothing but the best.

Product Content & Specifications

  • 2 different size stainless steel chastity cages
  • Overall assembled length: 3.65″ (BON4M cage) and 4.33″ (BON4ML cage)
  • Internal cage length: 2.56″ (BON4M) and 3.35″ (BON4ML)
  • Diameter cage opening: 1.42″ (BON4M cage) and 1.50″ (BON4ML cage)
  • 7 different sizes of innovative hinged back rings: 1.57″, 1.65″, 1.73″, 1.81″, 1.89″, 1.97″, and 2.05″. 4 additional sizes are available if needed
  • 3 different sizes of stainless steel locking pins
  • 2 different stainless steel spacers
  • 3 different gap options; 0.31″ – 0.43″ – 0.55″
  • 2 stainless steel padlocks designed especially for the BON4M Series
  • 5 unique numbers laser-engraved on each cage. These numbers are kept in our database and guarantee our customers an original BON4
  • One year full warranty
  • All BON4 products come with an attached tag. Scan the QR-code with a smartphone to view the instructional movie and fill in the unique code to claim 1 year full warranty!


Use your smartphone to scan the QR-code

We offer you:

  • All our male chastity devices come with free global (FedEx) shipping
  • One year full warranty
  • Discreet shipping and packaging
  • Delivery to any country
  • Secure payment in your own currency
  • Secure payment with your Bitcoin e-currency

All our male chastity devices come with free global (FedEx) shipping.
One year full warranty.
Discreet shipping and packaging.
Delivery to any country.
Secure payment in your own currency.
Secure payment with your Bitcoin e-currency.


Whilst checking out, you can opt for:

  • FedEx International Economy (free)
    Please allow 3-5 days for delivery
  • FedEx International Priority (US$ 36.00)
    Delivery the next business day

All discreet packages are shipped from  Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Whilst checking out, you can opt for:

FedEx International Economy (free).
Please allow 3-5 days for delivery.

FedEx International Priority (US$ 36.00).
Delivery the next business day.

All genuine BON4 products are shipped with FedEx from: Company BON4, Biesveld 4, 5673BN Nuenen, the Netherlands. Tel: 0031-6499 85740


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