BON4 Cock Cage Hygiene

Guess what? Your steel grid can’t absorb bodily fluids, your primary defense against odors and infection.

Sit, Boy!

Your BON4’s urethral opening accommodates strong streams. However, overspray can occur. Develop a habit of sitting to pee. Ask your Keyholder to give you consequences when you forget. No fair negotiating a sanction you like — this is real training to keep water closets clean and odor-free.

Day to Day Care

Your daily shower or bath will keep your BON4 and its precious contents clean most of the time. A few drops of mild, anti-bacterial soap can be added if you wish. In a bath, wash the BON4 last; don’t let it soak in dirty water.


Air drying is usually all that’s needed. When rushed, carefully use a hair dryer on low. Remember, steel heats faster than cocks! You love your BON4, but do you really want to brand yourself?


If your ring or cage irritates your skin, don’t delay. Here are some methods to relieve the condition:

  • Your favorite lube or mineral or baby oil may be all you need. Stains usually wash out, but it’s wise to check each garment before the need arises.
  • If the condition persists or worsens, your Keyholder must allow a supervised release. Dry, then clean the affected areas with mild anti-bacterial soap. Stay out of your cage as long as necessary to fully relieve the condition. Make a game of your self-control with your Keyholder.
  • If these measures don’t work, call a medical professional. Now!

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Occasional deep cleaning is recommended; especially in professional use by multiple subs. Completely disassemble your BON4: cage, pin, sleeve and CBR. Soak each part in boiling water or alcohol of 62% or greater, or both. Air-dry before use.

Use of a medical clavicle is not necessary, but has high fetish value for some.

During a cleaning release, your Keyholder can put you in a BON4 silicone cage. Throughout 2019, any current BON4 stainless steel device comes with a free silicone restraint! Order your set today.