Those who are serious about Male Chastity should exclusively use a high quality device.
Since 2009, BON4 has designed and manufactured top-notch chastity products. We believe no other brand or design rivals the quality of the BON4 cages. On our website, you’ll find Male Chastity cages in silicone as well as in stainless steel. Select the right BON4 for you, whether you have a flaccid penis of 1.5″ or a large dick of 5″. Stay locked and controlled and be submissive for as long as your Keyholder decides.

All genuine BON4 products are always shipped with FedEx from: Company BON4, Biesveld 4, 5673BN Nuenen, the Netherlands. Tel: 0031-6499 85740 (never any other address!)

The new BON4Micro     $US 229.00

Whether you are a sissy or someone with a very small dick, the BON4Micro is your best option. This snug, extra small chastity cage comes with 6 different standard sizes of hinged cock and ball rings (CBRs). For a more comfortable & secure fit, you or your Keyholder can select from 3 different gaps between the cage and the chosen ring.
Wear short or long term and stay fully submissive until your Keyholder decides to unlock your little dick!

For those serious about Micro Chastity

New BON4M Series     $US 239.00

Stay locked and controlled in comfy silicone or hot looking stainless steel.
These quality chastity cages are suited for the small to medium sized penis. Flaccid dicks between 2.5″ and 4.0″ will be kept under lock.
Like all BON4 cages, the BON4M comes with a large selection of standard CBR’s. No more worries about fitting the right ring size.
Stay focused and devoted to your partner who holds the key.

Ideal for the small & medium sized penis

BON4ML Large Chastity Cage     $US 249.00

For those blessed with a large flaccid cock between
4″ and 5.2″ BON4 has designed the BON4ML.
Stay devoted and fully submissive while securely locked in cold steel or flexible silicone.
Enjoy sexual denial and have your orgasm controlled for as long as your Keyholder decides.
Experiment with your Keyholder to discover which of the 3 optional gaps offers you the best fit & security.
Who knows, your obedience might lead to your release one day!

Keep your large dick under lock

New – BON4Mplus Series

For those who want nothing but the best!
With the two cages, your Keyholder not only controls your degree of confinement, possibly allowing a partial erection, but also the size of your bulge.
Hide it or emphasize it at your Keyholder’s whim.
The large variety of redesigned CBR’s swing 360° on a hinge, so placement is easy, precise and secure.
The perfect gift for your Keyholder to keep you under submission.
Several multi-cage packages available.

Complete packages for those who want the best

Check out our comfy male silicone chastity packages in 3 different colors and versions. Ideal to wear 24/7 whilst traveling or playing sports. Flexible high-grade silicone cages and rings. Secure these chastity devices with the individually numbered plastic seal locks and pass any security gate.
Available: BON4 for those with a flaccid dick between 3″ – 4.2″.
The BON4L for those with a flaccid dick of 4.2″ or larger.
The BON4plus, a complete male chastity package that contains it all.

BON4 - $US 149.00
BON4L - $US 149.00
BON4plus - $US 189.00

Lock up my “favorite toy?” Why would I do that?

Male chastity, voluntarily refraining from sexual activity, is easy, right? As a former First Lady of the US said, “Just say no.”

We all know how well that works. Ask the man who swore he’d not stray while on a business trip. Or a horny woman whose lover confesses to temporary impotence because he “took matters into his own hands.”

Let’s face it. All men need help with sexual self-control once in a while. But pure willpower, besides being ineffective, is no fun! However, device-controlled sexuality for men is growing in popularity because it is fun. The submissive partner accepts the restraint from the dominant Keyholder, so named because that’s who controls the key.

Male chastity’s growing popularity

Like so many once-taboo subjects, physically restraining penises…read more

Male chastity for men is fun — truly!

A quality cage provides both partners a visible, physical representation of their deep personal and sexual bond. It says wordlessly, “I yield a key part of my identity, my sexuality, to you.” This power exchange, in one form or another, lies at the heart of any Keyholder/submissive relationship.

Symbolic acts are fine, you might say, but that’s my dick. I’m used to using it how I want, when I want. What’s the fun in locking it up? A fair question. Imagine…

Locked safely away, you embrace and kiss the one you love, your Keyholder. You receive an enthusiastic response. Naturally, you swell in response…but only so far! Your cage prevents full growth. You whisper, “Release, please?”

Your lover gently denies you, but assertively intensifies your foreplay. Pressure inside increases as your desire grows…read more

Male chastity games

Locking your cock away has an ominous feel. Images arise of man-hating, leather clad dominatrixes forcing hapless guys into a painful and humiliating device. Seldom, if ever, happens. Instead, most couples play a delightful game with rules.The rules may be one-sided, all for the Keyholder.

There may be an exchange or schedule. Common elements include the supremacy of the Keyholder, the caged man’s submission, and conditions for releases. Games may last for a few hours to weeks, months and years.

The game can be used as a motivator to modify undesired behavior or in erotic humiliation role plays or as a lifestyle choice lasting years. Occasionally, errant men are locked away as a punishment.

Here are a few common chastity games and variations for you and your Keyholder to adapt to your own unique relationship…read more