A Startling Revelation

When I asked Crystal for girl talk, she invited me to dinner tonight.  She’s such a good friend, I mused as I parked on her street. Crystal waved to me from the front door. “Hi, Jenny. C’mon in. we’ll grill fish on the patio.” Her bright smile, satiny purple shorts and white sleeveless tee was perfect for a warm evening.

As I entered, I glanced more closely at Crystal. “Nice haircut. I’ve never seen you with a Bob before.”

“Thanks." I wanted a change because my bangs drooped into my eyes.

Darrell, Crystal’s husband, carrying a tray of snacks and wine, led the way from the kitchen through the sliding doors to the tiled patio. He served me, then Crystal. He left us alone without being asked.

“Girl talk, right?” What’s on your mind? If Darrell cooking won’t bother you, we can start right now.

“I love and trust you both. For what I have to say, a male perspective might be helpful.”

Darrell reentered with a tray of marinated salmon, foil wrapped potatoes and asparagus. Soon, they sizzled on the grill.

Crystal sipped her wine, and gestured to me to begin.

“I want to talk about Nick and me, and I trust the conversation will be private.” They both nodded their heads and murmured assent.  “Thanks. I wanted to talk with you two because it seems to me you don’t seem to have much trouble in the same area. Nick’s a great guy, not some macho man, but in some ways h acts like a privileged male. I’ve never seen that from you, Darrell and I don’t feel that type of tension between you.”

Darrell coughed and averted his gaze. Why?

In contrast, Crystal looked, well, smug. “Thank you, sweetie. It wasn’t always that way, was it Darrell?”

“No, ma’am,” Darrell mumbled, avoiding eye contact.

“Show her.”

Darrell whined, “Do I have to? It’s embarrassing!”

“Do as I say, hubby.”

Darrell sighed, shaking his head. He rubbed his eyes. He was crying!

He stood right by my side. To my surprise, he unbuckled his belt. He hooked his thumbs in his waistband and tug…

“OMG! His cock’s in a cage?” Darrell’s penis nestled in a metal tube secured with a lock. I saw his balls hanging down, his shaft in the tube and his tip slightly squashed in the end. I stared.

“Oh, it looks really cute in there. Can’t get into trouble, but ready to go. What in the world’s going on here?”

“Darrell used to be obnoxious. I decided to take control of our marriage and sex life. I bought a set of penis cages. Since men think with their dick, control the Dick and you control the whole man. Darrell knows if he doesn’t please me he won’t get satisfaction of any. That’s our secret — male chastity. Darrell, tell Jenny how your steel chastity makesn you a better husband.”

Darrell, still wiping away tears of humiliation, stammered, “it took a long time, but I came around. If I can’t touch my locked cock I want more than anything to please my Keyholder meaning she holds the key to my cock, this cage, my behavior, not to mention sex. Male chastity got me to examine my behavior to Crystal and all women. I’m a much better man for having my cock locked away behind this cage.” A caged cock cannot belong to a cocky guy. My whole attitude changed for the better once my loving wife locked my cock in this Bon4 quality steel mini-jail.

I shook my head, flabbergasted at the sight of a penis in a steel cage like a convicted criminal. How many times had I thought men should be locked away? “Wow, this is a lot to take in. Tell me more”

To be continued…

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