Lost Keys Irony

Like so many men, I sometimes indulge my sexual desires so much it interferes with my daily life.I concluded I needed restraint at these times. Over the years, I‘ve investigated several chastity solutions.

Unfortunately, my genitals are atypical. (Details to be revealed in a later blog entry.)

Last week, I used a Bon4M with a 42 mm diameter scrotal ring. I tried the ring alone for 36 hours for male chastity control.

This trial worked well, despite my thick bush.So I trimmed and epilated before adding the penis cage. After minor skin irritation faded, I refastened the ring behind my scrotum. I fit the two pins in the ring and slid the smallest spacer over the lock shaft. A few twists, I hooked the lock through the pin. Click!

I was locked! Comfortable at as well!. However, a few hours later, the ring on my left side began chafing painfully. I decided to remove my device, treat myself, and wait 72 hours to try again.

Lacking a Keyholder, I was on my own. I reached for the key. Uhn Oh! Where is it? Not in sight, not found after a quick search. What a Pre-Dick-A-Ment! Here I am, part of the BON4 team and I pulled off a bonehead move like that! (See sidebar.)

I was too tired to ransack the office. Still in my ring, I went to sleep. Fortunately, in the morning, I found the keys and freed myself. I’m now ready to try again.

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